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Sei Sorelle Swimwear Media Features

Posted on August 08 2021

Having launched Sei Sorelle Swimwear less than a year ago, it’s been incredible to see our sustainable, full coverage swimwear brand flourish and gain recognition from multiple established media outlets, alongside other brands pushing the envelope for modest fashion. Below we’ve added excerpts from featured articles, where we discuss the role of modest and sustainable fashion in today’s market.

1. British Muslim Magazine: Six sisters Create Eco-Friendly Full Coverage Swimwear Line Sei Sorelle (June 2020)

"The concept is simple, we love all things fashion, but every day brings an increased awareness that we must strive to live more sustainably to leave the planet in a sound state for our children. This coupled with a passion for modest clothing led us to conceive our innovative start-up – Sei Sorelle Swimwear. We wanted to be a part of the solution, and our first collection has already removed more than half a tonne of plastic from the ocean" – Aneesa Zaman.

Read the full article:

British Muslim Magazine, full sleeved modest swimwear

2. Islam channel – Living the Life TV Show (December 2020)

Sei Sorelle Swimwear were invited to Islam Channel's live television show 'Living the Life'.  Watch the full interview below where we discuss the birth of Sei Sorelle Swimwear, responsible fashion, the importance of swimming as a life skill and how we intend to break down barriers to taking up swimming. (To start the video click the arrow in the right hand corner).

3. The National – Modest Fitness Week: What to Expect from First Online Event Focused on Muslim Women (December 2020)

“Until recently, there has been a real lack of modest activewear. As a result, women were resorting to layering up, which restricts movement, and can make you feel out of place and self-conscious,” says Aneesa Zaman, co-founder of modest swimwear brand Sei Sorelle, which will be showcasing its designs digitally at Modest Fitness Week.

“Things are evolving; there is an increasing number of Muslim women ambassadors on the international stage and personal trainers on platforms such as Instagram,” says Zaman. “Through this event we hope to encourage a collective movement to promote and normalise exercise and sports.”

Read the full article:

The National paper Dubai discussing full sleeved Burkini

4. ECONYL® – Introducing Sei Sorelle Swimwear (February 2021)

"SEI SORELLE SWIMWEAR is a swimwear company set up by six sisters. Their aim is to provide a sustainable alternative in the full coverage swimwear market and help break down barriers which discourage women from feeling comfortable or accepted in the water. All their swimsuits are crafted using ECONYL® regenerated nylon. The focus is on creating flattering, practical designs that are multifunctional, thus moving away from the idea that clothing should have one set purpose" - ECONYL®

Visit their website:

sustainable full coverage swimwear Burkini

5. Mojeh – Making Modesty Mean More: How Sustainability will Drive the future of Modest Fashion (March 2021)

Our roles as “custodians of the Earth” is a phrase that Aneesa Zaman, designer for UK-based modest swimwear label Sei Sorelle, also references. In fact, she cites this duty as a major motivator for her brand, which she says is the first modest swimwear company in the United Kingdom to adopt sustainable practices. “Right from the start we were aware of our responsibility as custodians of the Earth, and protecting the environment is integral to our beliefs. So, a core focus for our brand is to try and make each and every process as sustainable as possible,” she explains. While modest fashion may attract women of all faiths, along with women who don’t identify as religious at all, the movement has gained momentum due to the spending power attributed to Muslim-majority demographics in the Middle East that are both wealthy and adhere to cultural dress codes.

Besides ready-to-wear and athletic wear, swimwear is a thriving market within the modest fashion sector, and presents its own challenges with sustainability. Sei Sorelle’s Zaman explains that nylon, which is the most widely used fabric for swimwear, is a major contributor to air pollution and damages the Earth’s ozone layer. “This led us to discover ECONYL regenerated nylon, which is woven into a high-quality, soft techno-fabric designed for swimming and activewear. What’s great is that it is made from waste collected from oceans and landfills, meaning our first collection alone has removed 624kg of waste,” she says. Beyond merely using eco-friendly fabrics, Sei Sorelle’s packaging and hang tags are all recyclable and made of recycled materials, while its hygiene liners and stickers are biodegradable. Packaging is a category often overlooked, yet due to wastage, remains a crucial area for implementing sustainability.

Read the full article:

Long sleeved, full coverage, islamic swimwear

6. Modestish – 6 Sisters are Behind this Sustainable Swimwear Brand (July 2021)

"Swimming, believe the six sisters, is a fundamental life skill, yet the lack of appropriate swimwear options in the market may often deter women from getting in the water. “After a certain age, wearing a one-piece swimsuit no longer aligned with practicing our faith,” explains Aneesa. As mothers of growing daughters, they were deeply motivated to make sure that there was appropriate swimwear to enable them to enjoy the water through swimming and water activities. This is why, in addition to its adult range, Sei Sorelle has a line specifically for 7 to 14-year-olds, providing cute, covered-up swimwear for the next generation of modest fashion consumers" - Zainab Hussain (Modestish)

Read the full article:

Full coverage modest swimwear 7. Grazia – Six Modest Swimwear Brands that Work on any Body Type (July 2021)

"Sei Sorelle meaning six sisters, in Italian, is a passion project between six women. The concept is focused on sustainability, luxury garments and taking care of the planet. As mothers, the founders wanted to create the utter-most luxe garments while staying aware of the earth to create a sound state for their children" – Grazia 

Read the full article:

Islamic swimsuit



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