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Health benefits of swimming

Posted on September 05 2022

Swimming comes with unlimited health benefits for women, both physical and mental. Some are mentioned below :

1) Teaching your kids to swim will allow them to become active adults

Swimming is a fun activity that helps to combat childhood obesity rates, providing children with the tools, skills and dedication to live healthier lives as adults. Choose between our Amaani Admiral or Amaani Vigneto children’s swimsuits and get your kids on track for a more healthier and fit lifestyle!

2) Builds confidence

Swimming is no doubt a confidence boosting sport ! Studies have been conducted showing that young swimmers are actually more confident than their non-swimming peers.

3) Swimming is great for Asthma

Swimming has been recommended as a good form of exercise for people with asthma because it is thought that breathing in warm, moist air when swimming rather than cold, dry air may reduce the risk of exercise induced bronchoconstriction. Additionally, swimming helps to develop good breathing practices.

4) Swimming slows down ageing

Swimming regularly can actually slow down the effects of aging by improving blood flow and oxygen to the brain, increasing cardiovascular health, increasing muscle mass and reducing blood pressure.

5) Swimming is good for any age group

Swimming has proven to improve the physical strength and balance in the elderly. Those who suffer from joint problems in the advanced age group can swim regularly to help increase flexibility and reduce any joint inflammation.

6) Swimming burns more calories than jogging

Did you know that swimming for approximately one hour can burn up to 715 calories whereas you would only burn up to 606 calories if you were to spend that same amount of time jogging at 5 miles per hour

7) Swimming requires minimal equipment

Finally, swimming requires minimal gear. You can workout effectively with just any of our perfect sei sorelle swimsuits. Our Aiyla, Zuria and Hanaa full coverage modest swimsuits are the perfect companions for your daily workouts, allowing you to seamlessly transition from the swimming pool to the gym.



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