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Small details matter. Always.

Posted on January 16 2021

Sei Sorelle Swimwear was born after an unsuccessful pursuit of six sisters trying to find the ultimate full coverage swimwear that ticked EVERY box. For us, no detail was too small.

So, in this blog post we’re going to take you through some of our favourite details and maybe leave one or two as a surprise…

  1. SUSTAINABLE MATERIAL. All of our swimsuits are crafted using a sustainable techno-fabric designed to be used to swim, gym and lounge (this should come as no surprise). We use ECONYL® regenerated nylon who boast, ‘No waste. No new resources. Just endless possibilities.’ You can read more about our fabric and our sustainable approach through the 'Sustainability' section of our website.

    The journey of our sustainable techno-fabric

  2. FRONT ZIP DETAIL. We’ve all been there, a soaking swimsuit that you have to pull over your head to take off!? No thank you. To save you from experiencing this soggy spectacle, we opted for a generous front zip for our Aiyla and Hanaa styles. Simply, unzip, pull down and step out. Ta-da! Easy and comfortable. Which is why we made sure we included the same detailing on our Amaani swimsuit; designed for 7-14-year olds. Another advantage of having a longer front zip is to aid our nursing mamas. This has been tried and tested, meaning no woman has to ever miss out again. As a brand that prides itself on ensuring inclusivity, this is a win!

    Aiyla - One of our sustainable, full coverage swimwear styles designed to be streamlined

  3. INBUILT BODY-SUIT. Ever experienced this; you’ve elegantly walked into a pool, relaxed your body and let the water soak you in. Only to find, water filling your top creating an inflatable, unflattering chest. The pressure from the water riding up your swim top, forcing you to clutch the ends and keep it down, in order to preserve your modesty. All whilst eagerly trying to look good, fit in and style out adversity. We’ve been there, so we were determined to find a solution! And lo and behold, we found one. All of our adult swimsuits come with an inbuilt leotard/body suit, fastened using snap buttons, to ensure you’re protected from any such mishap. Additionally, our Aiyla and Hanaa swimsuits have been created in such a way that water will not seep into the chest area. So, no inflatable boobs. You’re welcome.

    In-built body suit, designed to keep you covered and supported

  4. POCKETS. We love pockets and can’t understand why women’s clothes are sometimes made without?! Our zipped pockets make an appearance on all of our swim bottom options, so you can house all your beachside essentials. (Yes, we've made sure you can even fit your phone).

    Zipped pockets on ALL of our bottom options

  5. TROUSER OPTIONS. We know that one style does not fit all levels of modesty, so we tried to cater for as many women as possible by creating three different trouser options. Our collection includes our signature leggings (available with Hanaa & Aiyla), sleek tapered trousers (available with Hanaa & Aiyla) and our wide leg trousers (available with Zuria). All of our trouser options can be doubled up as activewear/yoga trousers, allowing you to make the most of your pieces. 

    Showcasing our differing trouser options on our full coverage swimwear range

  6. HIGH WAISTED, SLIMMING WAISTBAND. Step into the water confidently, thanks to our soft, high waist fit across all of our leggings and trouser options. Our criss-cross detail will ensure a non-slip fit, keeping you comfortable, supported and tucked in throughout the day.

    High waisted, slimming waistband on all of our trouser options

  7. REMOVEABLE CHEST PADS. For extra coverage and support, all of our swimsuits come with remove-able chest pads. If you need extra support, you can always remove these pads and insert your own. Alternatively, you can wear a bikini top underneath or even a sport’s bra.Ultimately, as a brand we wanted to give women as many options as possible, with inclusivity and sustainability at its core.

    Sketch design of our full coverage swimwear
    Our swimwear range is designed consciously to be as practical as possible whilst exuding confidence and elegance.  If you have any questions about fit, sizing or want to know more about our range, ping us an email (, or slip into our DMs on instagram!




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