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Our Story

Sei Sorelle translates to Six Sisters in Italian. And that’s how this all started, six sisters with a passion for fashion and family, trying to find a project to keep it like old times whilst navigating careers, relocations, weddings and children.

The concept is simple, we love all things fashion, but every day brings new awareness that we must strive to live more sustainably to leave the planet in a sound state for our children. This coupled with a desire for modest clothing led us to conceive our innovative start-up - Sei Sorelle swimwear, a luxury, sustainable, full coverage swimwear collection.

Our creative collaboration is a fusion of our eclectic styles to create three distinct silhouettes for the debut collection. Each style has been designed to ensure that when you look at your reflection, you’ll not only feel your best but know that the swimsuit has been lovingly crafted to ensure it is practical too. Our swimsuits are made from the softest Italian fabric and refined to ensure they grow with you, from zipped pockets on all our leggings and trousers to house your phones and valuables to generous zips to ensure peace of mind for all our nursing mamas that you’ll be able to nurse with ease. From inbuilt leotards to prevent any awkward mishaps to waist cinching waistbands to ensure you feel your best. We’ve been there and we know that it’s not enough for the swimsuit to just look good, it needs to hold up to everything we throw at it. We’ve also designed a collection for our growing daughters, it encapsulates the perfect blend of substance and style for our mini eco- warriors. Perfect for those mama and daughter selfies.

Being a small family run business means that we can oversee each stage of your swimsuit's journey.  From the initial concept to the design process, fabric selection, overseeing the grading, pattern cutting, stitching and finally the packaging and distribution. Each process has been overseen with intricate detail to ensure the product you receive is of the highest quality, after all it's our name, our brand and we want it to be synonymous with quality.

We are here to join the movement and are excited to clean the ocean one swimsuit at a time.