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The best kids Amaani swimsuits: What to look for and how to pick the right one

Posted on July 31 2022

Amaani Swimsuit is a fun, playful design crafted for our younger swimmers aged 7 to 14 years. With flowing ruffles and a sleek bodice, the elegant swim dress has been designed with comfort, style and practicality in mind.  It’s paired with non-slip leggings and is made from the same luxurious recycled fabric as our adult collections. It’s available in two rich colours; the Admiral is a bold navy colour and the Vigneto a sumptuous magenta. Both colours chosen to complement our adult collections, perfect for those mini me moments!

The swimsuit features a flowy dress finished with a functional zip for ease and style.

All of our designs are made using our sustainable soft techno-fabric, to ensure maximum comfort and sun protection.  The Amaani swimsuit boasts UPF50+ protection. UPF swimsuits eliminate the fuss and mess that comes about with re-applying sun cream constantly on your kids and yourself. Full length UPF swimsuits ensure maximum coverage of skin against the sun. As soon as you put on the swimsuit, you are protected against the sun and ready to have fun. This is particularly useful if you engage in water activities where the sun cream rubs off easily, rendering it useless and the need for constant re application. UPF swimsuits are far better than their counterparts at protecting you and your little ones from the sun, almost ten times as much. So, it’s a no brainer when deciding between a regular kids swimsuit that has a protection factor of 5-10 compared to our Amaani swimsuit with the strongest built-in sun protection. Whether you are jet skiing one minute and building sand castles with your little ones the next, we’ve got you covered under the sun. Get the peace of mind you need with the perfect UPF swimsuits for women and children. Click here to view our full collection.

The Amaani swimsuit boasts breathable properties and the ability to pull moisture off skin. Our quick drying collection will keep your little one light and comfortable throughout the day. It’s ultra chlorine resistant properties, resistance to sun cream and oils keeps the swimsuit long lasting and durable



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