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Islamic Swimwear

Until the last few years, the availability of full coverage and functional swimwear has been limited. Women who choose to cover up to protect their skin from harmful UV rays, those who want to adhere to their faith (e.g. muslim/jewish women) or those who simply prefer not to bare all were left uncatered for. That was until those women decided to change the game. Recently full coverage swimwear also known as an Islamic or halal swimwear, has gone through transformational change. Here, at Sei Sorelle Swimwear we have gone one step further by crafting sustainable, swimwear sets that can double up as modest activewear and beachside lounge-wear; creating a new standard in full coverage swimwear. All of our sets can be purchased with a matching, versatile swim scarf or turban, making it the perfect hijabi swimwear.


Each of our designs has been consciously created to empower more women to take up swimming and enjoy precious moments with their children. Sometimes chilling at the poolside is not close enough and the lack of full coverage swimwear options has left some women missing out. Sei Sorelle Swimwear was born through a recognition that women and girls who choose to dress modestly tend to avoid engaging in swimming-based activities. Though the reasons are complex and cannot be reduced to clothing as a single barrier, we know that practical, streamlined swimwear designed for swimming can only improve uptake. That’s why we set out to create swimwear that would speak to individual styles, reflect differing levels of coverage whilst remaining flattering and functional.


Through our #swimwithss campaign we hope to change the culture, break down the barriers and drive the statistics in our favour.


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