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Sun-safe Swimwear for Women and Kids

Posted on January 17 2022

At Sei Sorelle swimwear, we have worked hard to create full coverage swimsuits for    women and kids. Choosing the right fabric was at the core of our collections journey. We were passionate about choosing a sustainable material but did not want to compromise on the specification. One of the most important properties we required from our fabric was strong sun protection. We chose to create our swimsuits using a sustainable techno-fabric made from ECONYL regenerated nylon. The material boasts UPF50+ sun protection, so you can be confident that you and your little ones are getting the best sun protection available! We have designed swimsuits with high necks, long tight sleeves and full-length trousers/leggings ensuring full coverage and maximum sun protection at all times.

Did you know that skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the UK and USA and the rate continues to rise?

As the primary cause of skin cancer is UV radiation from the sun, the skin cancer foundation recommends that you always wear sun safe swimwear that has a UPF (ultra-violet protection factor) of 30 or higher and that the sun protection swimwear covers as much of your skin as possible.

What exactly is UPF swimwear?

Well, UPF stands for ultra-violet protection factor. It is a specialised system designed to measure the effectiveness of sun-protective fabrics. So, whilst clothing with a UPF of 30 or higher provides good protection against the sun’s rays, if you are looking for optimal sun protection, then its important to look for swimsuits with a UPF of 50 or higher.

What are the benefits of UPF swimwear?

UPF swimsuits eliminate the fuss and mess that comes about with re-applying sun cream constantly on your kids and yourself. Full length UPF swimsuits ensure maximum coverage of skin against the sun. As soon as you put on the swimsuit, you are protected against the sun and ready to have fun. This is particularly useful if you engage in water activities where the sun cream rubs off easily, rendering it useless and the need for constant re application. 

UPF swimsuits are far better than their counterparts at protecting you and your little ones from the sun, almost ten times as much. So, it’s a no brainer when deciding between a regular swimsuit that has a protection factor of 5-10 compared to a Sei Sorelle women's swimwear with the strongest built-in sun protection. Whether you are jet skiing one minute and building sand castles with your little ones the next, we’ve got you covered under the sun.

Don’t forget to protect your head and the top of your necks with swim hijab from the sun. Sun hats and visors are important to keep the sun rays away and keep hydrated with water throughout the day.

Get the peace of mind you need with the perfect UPF swimsuits for women and children. Click here to view our full collection.



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