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Ramadan 2021 Tips

Posted on April 17 2021

Ramadan Mubarak! We hope you have had an amazing start to the this blessed month! It is another Ramadan with restrictions, but we hope the better weather brings new hope and we can see family and loved ones soon!

We pray that the spirit of Ramadan remains in our heart and lightens our soul from within. Ameen.

We thought we would share our 4 top tips to stay fit and healthy during this month.

1. Diet

Practice portion control and choose healthier foods when opening the fast! Remember, it takes the body about 20 minutes to register that it's had enough to eat. So don't go overboard with eating during iftar.

Ramadan is the perfect time for a nutritional re-boot, by planning meals we can use this month to help cut out bad eating habits! Try and avoid fried and fatty food, but if you’re craving this, think of them as a treat and eat them at the end of a meal.

2. Drinking Fluids

We understand this is difficult, in the UK the fasts last roughly 14 hours, but it’s important to try and drink 6-8 glasses of fluid a day as recommended by the 'Eat well guide' between iftar and suhoor. This is especially important if you intend to exercise during the day. We tend to fill up a bottle and sip through the night.

3. Keep exercising

The reluctance to work out during Ramadan is understandable. The thought of it, when you have virtually no food/water or energy is daunting! But the great news is, it’s perfectly healthy to work out in a fasted state and actually it has many proven benefits! Exercising whilst fasting can boost energy, making you feel fresh, alert, and full of life. It helps with blood flow, promotes good brain health and keeps all the bodily functions working properly.

Brisk walking and swimming are excellent options in keeping your energy up during the day. If swimming is your chosen activity we recommend you check out, where they have a page on how to fast & swim during Ramadan.

4. Getting enough sleep

The sleep deprivation is real during Ramadan - with iftar being so late, followed by taraweeh and the early Suhoor. It can be hard to juggle this with full time work, kids or school! There is evidence that people who sleep better tend to eat and snack less during the day, so a good night's sleep may help you control your cravings when fasting. Maybe try and plan a pre iftar nap to help combat this!

There are so many wonderful pages that offer advice and support during this month! Be sure to check these instagram pages @befit4akhirah @maiakhamis @amanahfitness or even tailored fitness programmes offered by @modestfitnessweek @muslimathleticassociation.

To motivate you this Ramadan we have created a discount code valid for the month of Ramadan only. Use FAST10 for 10% off your multifunctional swim/gym wear*

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