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Modest Fitness Week 2020

Posted on December 31 2020

Early in December, Sei Sorelle Swimwear was fortunate enough to join women and brands from all around the world and take part in the first ever Modest Fitness Week, hosted by the talented Abdiya Iman. In a nutshell, Modest Fitness Week was an extraordinary virtual event, which focused on improving women's lifestyle through fitness classes and informative panels, whilst covering some taboo topics regarding women's health. To top it all off, many small businesses held fantastic giveaways as a gesture to give back to their community and supporters. 

MFW allowed women from all around the world to take part in classes they have always wanted to try in an inclusive environment. Led by the best female instructors in the industry, women were able to participate in activities such as kickboxing to full body strength and burn sessions (just to name a few!). Not only were they able to reap the health benefits that came with these classes, it was also an opportunity to have fun and meet new faces (albeit virtually!). This was further backed by amazing speakers who inspired and highlighted the importance of self love and self care.

We loved Abdiya's approach and commitment to opening up avenues and beginning to normalise conversations that may not necessarily be discussed so freely at home. It was inspirational to see so many amazing women dissecting sensitive topics from infertility to postpartum issues, which gave us meaningful insight into how common these issues really are, and how much awareness still needs to be spread.

Amongst these fantastic panels and activities, it was also an exciting opportunity for us to introduce the world to our sustainable full coverage swimwear line. We participated in a live panel, where you were able to meet the six sisters behind Sei Sorelle and learn how the brand came from a simple idea during a conversation in our parent's living room, to a fully functioning small business! We discussed everything from what we love about our swimwear, sustainability and climate control to the ins and outs of going into business with sisters.

The event attracted media coverage from Abu Dhabi's 'The National' and 'Grazia Middle East'. 

Although this week is over until next year (in sha Allah), you are still able to catch up on all the amazing classes and conversations for another couple days using the catchup portal – We are still going back and catching up on some the amazing content we missed! 



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