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Five tips for choosing the perfect full coverage swimwear

Posted on July 29 2022

Read below for our 5 top tips when it comes to choosing the perfect full coverage swimwear.

1) Full coverage 

The whole point of full coverage swimwear, is the coverage right ? Well look no further because our swimsuits provide the best coverage, allowing you to be comfortable in your skin and enjoy the sun. Following extensive research, we have carefully curated our swimsuits to ensure full coverage at all times. Sei Sorelle swimsuits feature high necks, with full fitted long sleeves, long silhouettes allowing full coverage. They can be paired with long loose trousers, sleek tailored trousers or our signature fitted leggings. You have the option of choosing a versatile swim hijab or swim turban with your swimsuit. In order to ensure maximum coverage at all times, the base of the top has an underlying bodysuit.

2) UPF50+ Protection 

It is important to make sure that the full coverage swimwear that you choose offers UPF50+ protection - the highest level of ultraviolet radiation protection available in clothing ,keeping you fully protect against the sun. At Sei Sorelle, we think sun protection is very important and we ensure each swimsuit offers UPF50+ protection.

3) Ultra chlorine, sun cream and oil resistant 

Our swimsuits are ultra chlorine resistant, sun cream and oil resistant. These properties will make sure that your swimsuits will stand the test of time.

4) Moisture wicking 

Our special techno fabric has moisture wicking and breathable properties. This provides the ability to pull moisture off your skin, our quick drying collection will keep you light and comfortable throughout the day.

5) Sustainable

Our sustainable techno-fabric is made from an ECONYL® regenerated Nylon and elastane. It’s certified as STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, this is one of the world’s best-known labels for textiles tested for harmful substances. It’s a flawless blend of performance, durability and comfort and this versatility lends itself perfectly to the multifunctional performance of our swimsuits. We’re not into the fast fashion model that fuels excessive production and drives mindless consumption. We strongly believe in slow mindful production in smaller quantities, made from sustainable processes, producing less waste.



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