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Burkini : More than a cover up for the beach

Posted on June 27 2022

At Sei Sorelle we wanted to move away from the culture that suggests clothing has one set purpose. The culture that convinces you to purchase separate swimwear, activewear and loungewear. Well not us and not anymore. Using recycled ocean plastic, we set out to craft multifunctional swimwear, designed to transition you from swim, gym, lounge. When putting pen to paper we set out to create timeless and practical silhouettes that could serve multiple functions.

The features of all of our swimsuits allow you to seamlessly transition from a workout, to brunch, to the beach.

Our womenswear collection was curated to provide women with full coverage, modest swimwear that ticked every box! The range is designed consciously to be as practical as possible whilst exuding confidence and elegance. Features include an inbuilt body suit, large zips (to keep phones and other essentials), removable chest pads, a high waisted slimming waistband and different trouser options. We wanted to promote inclusivity and to give women options that aligned with their level of coverage. Our three different styles are tailored to suit all silhouettes through varying dress lengths and fits. The choice of pairing the swimsuits with our signature leggings or sleek tapered trousers increases your options in your journey to find the perfect swimsuit.

As a fashion brand we wanted to make a conscious effort in reducing our contribution to climate change and decided to source a sustainable, regenerated material for our range. All of our swimsuits are made using ECONYL®️ regenerated nylon. This luxurious and eco-friendly fabric boasts many qualities, including UPF50+ sun protection with supreme chlorine and sun cream resistance, perfect for the beach and any outdoor activity. It is breathable and quick drying and also has moisture wicking properties - allowing the fabric to pull moisture away from the skin, perfect for a work out. Our ultra soft fabric has also shown piling resistance and has a 2 way stretch. 

Our carefully designed features and choice of sustainable techno-fabric are a perfect match, creating a truly multifunctional swimsuit that can be used for all purposes, perfect for swimwear, activewear and loungewear.



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