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The Aiyla Swimsuit

Posted on August 16 2021

At Sei Sorelle we wanted to move away from the culture that suggests clothing has one set purpose. The culture that convinces you to purchase separate swimwear, activewear and loungewear. Well not us and not anymore. Using recycled ocean plastic, we set out to craft multifunctional swimwear, designed to transition you from swim, gym, lounge. When putting pen to paper we set out to create timeless and practical silhouettes that could serve multiple functions.

1. Bottoms

If I’m heading to pre swim breakfast/brunch, I love pairing my Aiyla swimsuit with jeans or wide leg trousers as it creates more of an outfit feel.

Long sleeved islamic Burkina

2. Kimonos & Cover-Ups

For that extra coverage or beach-side statement look, throw a kimono or sarong over your swimwear. The Aiyla swimsuit is the perfect length so you could opt for a long or short style.

modest swimsuit fashion

3. Gym & Activewear

The high waisted swim/gym leggings can be used for your workouts. They can be matched with your existing wardrobe or be worn as a set.

modest activewear

We’d love to see how you style yours. Tag us @seisorelleswimear on Instagram.



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