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Educating the Next Generation - ‘No one is free until we are all free’

Posted on August 02 2021

Here at Sei Sorelle Swimwear, these last months have been very heavy on our hearts. As we clutch our children close, we cannot even begin to imagine the pain and trauma the people of Palestine are undergoing. We’re trying to do whatever we can to show support and solidarity through spreading awareness, constant duas and providing charity where needed.

One thing we also have been doing is educating our children on the true history behind the Palestinian plight and the role of media outlets. Most of our inspiration has come from incredible social media accounts that have helped to make the topic engageable, safe and appropriate. We’ll share some of them below.

1. Mama Teaches Me

Free educational resources Mama teaches me is the project of Hafsa, a former primary school teacher from the UK and now full-time home schoolteacher. Her journey began after a relocation to Saudi Arabia, where she started to create her own digital resources to build a nurturing relationship with Islam for her children. These digital resources are now available free and to purchase via her website and have been loved by our children. More recently on her Instagram page (@mamateachesme) Hafsa has started to create and share ideas on how to spark a discussion in your own home regarding the current situation in Palestine. She has also created a simple guide for parents interested in teaching their children about Palestine. The guide is FREE but she has left a link for donations to help those in need.

Website: Instagram: @mamateachesme

2. Learning Roots

Free educational resources

Zaheer Khatri founded Learning Roots in the hope to revolutionise Islamic resources for children. His efforts have played a role in helping many parents in over 33 countries raise their children with Islamic influence. The website is equipped with a plethora of activities, books and games to help teach Islamic traditions through play. Learning roots also has ‘The Tree House’ which is a page containing FREE digital resources for kids. Here you can find a resource dedicated to Al-Aqsa, a beautifully illustrated pack filled with insightful and educational stories and activities to help you teach your children the value of Al-Aqsa in Islam.

Website: Instagram: @learningroots

3. Read Love Play

Instagram page for education children

A pharmacist turned stay at home mum has created an inspiring Instagram page showcasing the use of some of the resources mentioned above as part of the #playforpalestine. She mentions how it’s important to raise and educate children on these issues, whilst being mindful of their age. Miss K is 5 years old, so it was important to discuss heavy topics like this in layers starting with the history and importance of Palestine and Al-Aqsa to the Muslim community.

Instagram: @readloveplay

4. My 1st Masjid

Educational Islamic Resources for children

A small, family run brand, built to inspire families through play. An incredible place to shop toys, DIY crafts kits and masjid playhouses to encourage imagination and learning. They have also ‘made a commitment to use environmentally friendly material as much as possible and so our toys and crafts are mainly made from biodegradable cardboard, wood or recycled paper’ which adds another layer of learning and education. Their Instagram page is filled with cool, creative DIY ideas including ideas on how to incorporate the history of Palestine and Al-Aqsa into play. We LOVE the creation of the 3 holy masjids using a cardboard box!

Website: Instagram: @my1stmasjid

We hope you love the accounts mentioned above, as much as we have and are able to create safe conversations with your children. Comment below if you have used any of the above or have any other recommendations. 



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